Peaceful Warrior

There’s a world out there outside your box, outside your screens, outside your mental, and dna constrains, and ironically it is found in the shattering of all you’ve ever been programmed to believe, and it’s in the deepest parts of you. Day in and day out we roboticaly operate to uphold what we have dubbed as, “survival”, the “what we must do” of our existence. Yet like control of our outer world it is an illusive system that makes us believe that operating by materials and not by feeling is the way of sustaining some false and imaginary world. We have succumbed to the bonds of physical slavery to mediocre and unhealthy ego minds to maintain a false sense of comfort.

Eating foods that suppress your free thinking sources more and more creating such a chaotic wiring that you are less able to focus on the truth of your existence and instead swarmed by the bombarding of programming that enforces the slavery cycle of the human earth. Time as well created by “humans” as a way to control and gently be stroked by the hand that falsely feeds you. Do you ever question the masses of hell ridden locations that enslave, and do not supply a balance of resources that are more than abundant on this planet? Does this not sound like the majority of mainstream anywhere on earth! Fake insurances to insure us that we are safe and need to fear so much. Because fear is the way to control the sheep, fear blinds us from our powers.

I believe in angels and guides but higher powers I will stand to say no I do not, and my perspective has shifted much through out my evolution. Each of us as individuals are the highest power in our existence and when we choose to be here with our power that is when our realities are in attunement to our image of heaven. From “mental illness” to “addiction”, I’m starting to realize is all a hoax to frighten us from realizing how powerful we are. We just have been trained to not feel and are fed garbage to be numbed by visually and physically.  We’ve been tricked to believe we can’t trust ourselves well news flash you can trust you more than anyone on this plain of existence. We can unprogram ourselves and program our minds and bodies through soul atunements such as yoga, breathing meditation, creating, writing, and eating as well as participating in soul high vibrational things.

I can only live as an example and those who are attuned to what I know will follow. I am unplugging out of the system. For we have always came from the earth, from the water, from air, from fire, and are all one with it. Be well free thinkers and whether working for us from within the system or on the outskirts, you are always able, always free, always you. United we stand the awakened society, an evolved higher order.

Remember You’re Already Enough

For the longest time i’ve wondered, searched, waited, and jumped at every opportunity to find out what system to follow to get where I want to be, yet within my forceful efforts I was contradicting the very flow of abundance I needed.  We are taught that with effort, force, or to “push” ourselves is how we get what we want, yet the contradiction that comes of this is the very cycle we see in many peoples lives including our own. You know, the frusteration when you’ve been trying for an extended period of time to accomplish something and it just doesn’t go your way. Then when things don’t work out the way you expected you ask yourself, ” I try so hard all the time, why won’t it ever turn out the way I want it to!”.

I like using the metaphor of life being comparative to a Chinese thumb trap. The more effort used to try to get out of the trap the tighter it grips and you are stuck with your strangulated thumbs in a rut. Although, when you relax, enjoy the process, and just breath ,BOOM! Release, allowing of what it is you want to be delivered to you, endless abundance and answers to the solutions you were so stubbornly looking for appear with ease!

We are programmed to believe that rewards come with effort, yet if that was the case why do so many of us question our happiness as we endlessly WORK towards fulfilling something, and usually having no idea what that is! We do it with eating, shopping, distracting, over exacerbating energy sources via working out, over working,partaking in substances, and sex. Even after all these fillers we still continue to walk through life feeling like something is missing or unpleasant. Why? The answer to this is simple, we have been living in a manner that brings about resistance because we have been programmed to believe that the amount we do is the measurer of how much we’re worth. This is insanity because every human is of equal, unequivocal, immeasurable worth. It’s always a goose chase of programmed expectations of the world around us, because  we are perfect the way we are if we could just take some time to care enough about listening to what it is our intuition has to say.

Intuition, that voice in your head, that feeling in your heart, that reaches all the way down into the presence of your soul and molecular genius that is already you! You’re amazing without work, without manipulation, just as you already are! Don’t you ever wonder how there are people out there with such extroidinary, “God given gifts”? Because we all have them, those people just know it! They listen to their intuition they FEEL what needs to be felt which is the most effortless thing, we just got tricked into thinking feeling what it is we purely do can be a bad thing then we adapt the belief that it takes effort to feel what’s inevitably there.

So every feeling, every self developing impulse, everything that makes us happy, and everything that makes us feel unpleasant is all a guiding compass to the truth of our inner source. We’ve been blessed enough to be a part of this planet to develop that which burns in our souls and share it through physical creation of our inner visions. For we are already enough and it’s all about being surrounded by empowering people who remind you of your true self, and also for you to learn on how to keep reminding you of who you really are when you feel off kilter.

Memory can many times be seen as a curse, as we dwell on how we wish we could forget something or someone although when used for development memory is the greatest tool. REMEMBERING who you are and not losing that in this short time on this planet can be an anomaly so it is important to develop the mental and emotional intelligence to remain who you purely are. Remember you are enough, remember that you are already you and it’s less about developing into someone and more about remembering who you’ve always been. A child knows what he or she wants to be because they haven’t lost that connectedness to there inner voice whose quiet aware of the talents and desires of the self.

So dear loved ones remember you are enough and within doing things and being around people that feel good and empower you, you to shall begin remember the truth of who you are.





Life’s Simple Paradox: To Intuitively Take Action or Rest?

I patiently walk up to a swing and sit down to begin meditating on my 100 oscillations as I squeeze the points of my medial knee caps together feeling the precision in the alignment of my legs, my toes directing the glorious momentum. I scan the world given to me and breath in everything from multiple perspectives, then a wasp briefly lands in my lap mid swing, departing abruptly. I become content with my 100 so I gingerly come to a halt choosing to migrate towards the spiraling, vibrant yellow ladder before me. As I step my foot onto this twisting structure,  a yellow jacket is digging slowly into different areas of the ground below, nestling its body under selective pieces of damp cream colored wood chips as if searching for something specific. As I’m focusing on the creature with the intent of just letting it be, an intuitive thought comes about, ACTION.


Wow! The organism is so active! I start recalling the prior day and how I’d observed a couple of ants and how they consistently looked for food,following in the foot steps of the geese who were doing the same. Sometimes they would sit still and rest, and then much of the time they would continue their priority of finding sustenance, I didn’t seem to sense any emotions cohabitating with the unnecessary. I felt they took great care to feel their surroundings and inner guidance system, if they wanted food they moved, if they wanted change in temperature they moved, when they were uncomfortable they moved. They were absent of procrastination, they moved towards solutions and playing with all possibilities. Those still wild to the animal kingdom have one common belief, they feel they have a purpose, and from the establishment of the purpose they move towards it with action. There is little in between of, “sitting still and thinking of the how”, instead they know what they want and they start moving towards it, or they simply rest until the intuitive call is given.


So in it’s simplicity life is a paradox. Thin lines make decisions seem complex, when the answer to what your needing, is within.Words, measurements, things of the physical world are all created to bring us comfort through order. We have created the illusion that we need tangible things to buffer the complexities that we insanely, and alone as humans,create. When in reality all we need to do is remember our purpose which is found in silence and stillness. When we identify the purpose it envokes a feeling within us, and if it is the true purpose for us we will awaken joy, fun, excitement, tranquility, love, and inspiration. In it’s deepest form we very well find ourselves having no words to express the euphoria we feel when we really understand the purpose behind what it is we are wanting. So much peace is allowed when we focus on the why because within supportive emotions bloom resources because law of attraction is a real thing!

Begin with the person in charge of your reality, YOU, because you KNOW WHAT YOU NEED! (flow towards purpose now)

PURPOSE: is the feeling of excitement you get from knowing WHAT it is you WANT and WHY.

(YOU= Source/Intuition [found within silence] )   ——> ( PURPOSE=Why & Feelings of Excitement).

Now switch YOU in place of PURPOSE and do it again. It’s the same thing no matter which order you act on.

( PURPOSE= Why & Feelings of Exitement) ——> (YOU= Source/Intuition [found in silence with the self])

When you’ve done this equation you truly, remarkably have all you need. Now. ALLOW this to SINK IN DEEPLY. Because it’s all a feeling and all pleasant feelings lead to you getting what you need. =)